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I don’t have anything to write about myself because I am just a house wife oh! I should not say this I am a HOME MAKER. Yes yes I am a home maker not only home maker, you can call me life maker or a future maker because the future of my children depends on me. What my children will become tomorrow it depends completely on the education given by parents. I don’t understand why we are only running after money and not running after the parental education ( which they learn from home specially from mothers). These days children have become highly arrogant and super stubborn and we always complains about this to their teachers, to doctors or to our dear ones, but we have completely forgotten that only we have made our children the way they are. I will write further about the importance of parental training in my first blog. But I would like to mention here the moto behind this website. So in this website, I will share my experience about child grooming and their education. Also how to spend money on them, so that you can save more(obviously for your children).

Parental education is a most common and most important subject for all of us. But we are not taking this subject into consideration. I don’t know if people from education and academics sector will read my blogs or not, but I want to request that CHILD’S GROOMING AND CHILD’S EDUCATION SHOULD BE A MANDATORY PART OF ACADEMICS for big children or youngsters. Because I personally feel this is a subject of development of future and ultimately development of everything.

I would love to see me readers in comment section with their experiences and ideas.

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