pregnancy in COVID-19

All about pregnancy in cOVID-19

Being a mother is a challenge and it is more challenging if you are going through pregnancy in COVID-19. When you become a mother or when you conceive for the first time, you turn more cautious about healthy food, excercise, rest etc. Over all this if the year is 2020 then your care comes more then 100 times. So without wasting further time I would like to tell you that there are three major things, you should keep in mind and those are explained below. But you make sure that you will understand everything properly.

Effects on pregnancy in COVID-19

Yes, being pregnant in pandemic 2020 is more risky then any other year. Not only because of corona but, its about any kind of illness or infection. In case if something happens to you, then you have to move either to the doctor or to the hospital. And only arriving to such places is a big risk for you. Specially, ladies suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and if you are in your 30z and above , then you are at higher risk. If we talk about corona then yes, pregnant ladies are at risk comparatively. Because their immunity divides in two parts and their body become more sensitive. According to CDC , If you don’t get corona and you are pregnant then you need to be highly careful. But if you are going through pregnancy in COVID-19, then you are at higher risk. CDC reported that a pregnant women with COVID-19 have higher chances to deliver the baby before time. Those ladies may get pneumonia because already their lungs are effected, and this will be harmful for baby in the womb. Corona may cause fever to pregnant ladies and high fever can cause dehydration, which is directly connected to fetus or baby.

Effects on baby

Till now no evidence came in consideration about miscarriage, vertical transmission of the virus to the baby or the fetus development. Researches have found only few cases of corona that may have passed to the baby during pregnancy in COVID-19. Few cases have been seen in which babies were well in the womb, but just after delivery they got virus. As I have already written, that there is a big chance of premature delivery(before time) or still birth delivery(late delivery). There is no guarantee that the baby will get virus if the mother is suffering from this. And there no preferred way of delivery. Normal and C-section both are at risk. It depends on your body and the suggestion of the doctor.

Tips for pregnancy in COVID-19

Of course you should be careful, but with what extent you can do this is a big challenge. So I have read much about this and this is what I observed:

  • Of course you need to stay at home and limit your contacts as much as you can.
  • If you go out, maintain 6 feet distance with everyone.
  • Keep sanitizing your hands when you go out.
  • When you come from outside, go directly to the washroom remove your cloths and put them in the laundry. And if possible wash them immediately and take hot shower.
  • Sanitize all the things on the door, which comes from outside.
  • You have heard to put on mask when you go out, but what is the reason behind this. We keep touching our mouth and nose repeatedly, and mask covers these two parts. So suppose if our hand touches the virus then it won’t be able to get into the body directly through nose or mouth. That is why we should put our masks on, every time we go out.
  • Regular checkups plays important role if you are going through pregnancy in COVID-19. Prenatal and postnatal checkups both are required.
  • Maintain a positive environment around you. Don’t watch news channels because they will horrified you.


First thing first, every body is different so the effect of this virus will be different on everyone. You need to be your own doctor. Observe yourself, and then go ahead carefully. God has chosen females to conceive and to give birth. Females are powerful enough to handle this pandemic. But they need extra care just like a baby, of course in a different manner. If this a birth for a baby, then its a rebirth for the mother. So just love your self and be happy.

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