save money

How to save money-tips for new parents

Do you know what is your most expensive wish? Having a baby is the one. Since the day you get pregnant to the day of your retirement, you have to keep spending on your children. You have to pay even for a pregnancy test. You can’t make a proper note of expenses, because it will …

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characteristics of good parenting

Characteristics of good parenting

Parenting is not a term or a word, its a journey with almost no end. I have never met a parent which are carefree about their children. Whether they are young or at old age, they keep worrying about their children. But sometimes that worry is natural and sometimes unnecessary. So now the question is …

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child development

Child development and parental education

Hello everyone! When we think about child development, we always thought of academics, school, college and future etc. But do we ever thought what if we don’t find peace and satisfaction, even after achieving and earning much in our lives? Do we ever thought, why schools don’t teaches us to maintain balance and peace in …

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