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Child development and parental education

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When we think about child development, we always thought of academics, school, college and future etc. But do we ever thought what if we don’t find peace and satisfaction, even after achieving and earning much in our lives? Do we ever thought, why schools don’t teaches us to maintain balance and peace in our lives? That’s what this blog is all about. This blog is about child care and child development. Here I will share ideas about the real education, child development and how to train our children, so that they can find peace and happiness along with money.

What is child development?

If you see around you, will notice everybody is running after money. We are extremely worried about our child’s future and growth. The concept we understand by the word future is only money. We don’t know how to nourish our child so that he or she will become a happy person. A girl becomes a mother, without knowing how to hold a baby. But for this, she is not responsible because her parents were running after her studies, job, earning and other unnecessary things, and not running after the responsibility which she has to take in future for sure. Although being a good parent is a challenge, still every girl and boy wants to have a baby one day. That is why I feel that


I want to conclude at this point that this blog is for the one who is worried about his child’s development, their mental peace and of course the future. I will be glad if you share your ideas about this important subject. So that we can help each other and ultimately the whole generation.

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