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cognitive development activities for toddlers

All kind of development and growth is the only concern of parents. When your baby starts walking, that is what we call physical development, but the thing which they feel that time is cognitive development. You can take cognitive development as mental growth of a child. And children grows mentally when they play and when they experience new things. Do you know, children get 80% of their whole life’s education till the the age of five. Education like, talking, walking, crying, good and bad manners, playing different games, emotions etc. Along with healthy and nutritious food , here are so many activities which can be performed at home. Below I am going to mention, how we can improve our child’s intellect at very early age.

Household work

Seems strange! but this technique is really helpful. You can do one thing, give him some house hold work. By doing this you can keep your child occupied and you can teach him household work as well. How’s it? kill two birds with one stone. Intellectual development along with house hold training. When you do some work, call your child and tell him that you are an exciting task, show him how you are doing and tell him to do the same. But yes age and understanding of the child matters here, and that you have to observe by your own. And if your child is a determined child, then this activity will be very helpful. Some examples of this are; cleaning room, washing toys, organizing cupboard, pass the things etc

Pretend play for conceptual development

This is one of the most powerful method, not only for cognitive development but also for overall growth. We want our child to become best in his field. For that we can start training at very early age by doing pretend play. Suppose your child want to be a doctor, so you can pretend as you are sick and tell him to check temperature and to write prescription etc. In this way he will learn what does doctor do. Suppose if he want to be a teacher, then you can become his student. It is an important part of better parenting that you should teach your children, how to be a good citizen, a good friend, a good brother or sister. Using pretend play you can teach him in a fun way.

Playing with toys for mental development

Playing with toys is the most favourable method for brain development. There are so many toys in the market but we need to select only educational toys for our child. Investing money in right thing is an important part of good parenting. So it would be better for all the parents if they spend smartly. Here I am going to list few helpful toys:

  • Blocks ( fixing or magnetic)
  • Flash cards of animals, fruits, vegetables, emotions, professions etc
  • Stacking the rings
  • Crayons and clay
  • Alphabets book with big images inside
  • Abacus for toddlers
  • Story books
  • Toy of different sounds
  • Easy puzzle toys
  • A big board with different color of marker or chalks

Reading therapy for cognitive development

Reading is such a boring job for most of us. But this is highly peaceful and helpful method for overall development of babies as well as parents. Do you remember, what did the doctor say when you were pregnant? Well, I am not sure about you but my doctor recommended me to read books. Because reading good books will give peace to you and to your baby in the womb. This is how reading works. You can make a routine, of bed time stories. With toddlers you can choose stories related to animals, for determined child you can go with the topics related to manners and daily activities. With kids you can use stories related to science. With big children we can choose motivational stories related to achievements and bravery.

Singing and dancing

We forget somewhere, that parents also need fun time for themselves. But most of the parents, specially mothers are unable to find time for themselves. Here I have a solution, sing and dance with children. These two activities are useful for both of mommy and baby. Singing and dancing plays important role in cognitive development of the child. Exhausted mommies can also feel fresh and light using these two. It is more important these days because, even new moms have to go out for work, and they don’t find time to have some fun. Singing and dancing gives you happiness and to your child it works as a brain booster.

A gentle conversation

Talking with your toddler helps in improving his brain powers in all the aspect. When you talk to him, he will listen first, then he will think what to reply, then he will try to reply and then he will talk to you by his own. In this way he will be able to improve his listening skills, abstract thinking, imaginary powers and of course language. So don’t sit quite, keep talking to your child.

Before I finish the article I would like to tell you that every child is different and every brain is different and every child has different adapting and learning abilities. So parents need to check and observe their children and their requirements for better results. Hope you will find this article useful. I will be glad if you could share ideas on this in the comment section.

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