social media and children

Social media and children: Tips for parents

Social media is a term which does not require any introduction these days. It itself is a whole world of networking. Indeed it has made everything compact and arose new opportunities to earn money, to learn, to study, to explore new things and to show case your talents to the world. Being a modern parents it appears good that our children are accessing the world online. But this source of networking is not safe for every child. It has become impossible for us and for our children to get escape of social media. But if we understand the negative and positive aspects of social media, then we will be able to maintain balance in the lives of our children.

Positive Effects of Social Media

social media and children

It seems like social media is all about a negative network of facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter etc. But if we use it properly then we can find it beneficial for us and for our children. Here are some positive effects of this new networking system:

  • First thing first, as the phase is changing and our society is turning more digital specially after corona. So it has become crucial for our children to learn and to explore this new online system. If they learn and understand this new networking, It will allow them to walk along with this new changed phase of the world.
  • Social media is a great source of making different types of friends and to know their culture. And having knowledge about different cultures and societies is very helpful for their studies.
  • I won’t be wrong if I say that our new modern networking system works like a global school. A school which is super flexible about timings and interesting for the child. Our children can learn anything they find interesting. And if they are good at something they can show case it to the world without spending much money.
  • You tube is a helping hand for mothers these days. Urban families are very small, and mothers have been working inside and outside the home as well. While doing work mothers have to play rhymes for the babies. It seems like having screen time and it is not good for them. But this is the only best option for all the mommies. Children don’t only enjoy watching rhymes and cartoons but they also learn so many things by watching these i.e. rhymes, singing, good and bad manners, daily habits etc.
  • Social media has improved the relationship dilemma in youngsters. Not only youngsters but a small kid also know how it feels to get likes, dislikes, positive-negative comments. And children knows how to response to these things. They also face long distance relationship. By doing that they are learning how to maintain a relation or a friendship even if you are physically apart.
  • New mommies can learn about pregnancy and baby grooming.
  • This networking system offers children and youngsters to make friends of the same interest. And this kind of friendship have been proven a best teacher. Because if your friend is experienced in that field then, you can learn a lot from him/her. And if he/she is of your age then you can discuss the things at which you both keeps interest. In both the cases you can learn the things you are passionate about.
  • Through this modern system, children can participate in social and political activities, and can get to know what and how it is going in political market and to respond on that. Even a small child can put his ideas about the big issues of society and politics.
  • It is important for all new parents to learn what good parenting is. Specially when it comes to baby food. Mommies can learn new recipes and try it for their loving children.
  • We don’t have time to sit in front of t.v. and watch all unnecessary news. And the solution for this is social media. Many children and youngsters want to know the current affairs to keep them updated. And there are so many sources and apps for this. By using those sources, we can also improve our general knowledge.
  • By using social media you children learn the benefits of good food and bad effects of unhealthy food. If they learn it by their own they can stop themselves easily to eat things which are not good for them.

Negative Effects of Social Media

social media and children

On the contrary, new networking system can be a worst devil for us and for our children. There are some negative effects of this:

  • It is indirectly attacking on child development. Not only physical but on mental development too. As internet is not good for health, that is why it is not good for all kinds of development.
  • Children have been loosing the creativity they have, because for each and every thing they google and find the answers.
  • Though they are making friends on social media and their friend circle is becoming huge, but they don’t know whom they are in touch with. Their new friend may not be a good friend for them.
  • Children are loosing their memory, because they have calculators and google in the phone. Whatever they want to do they can do it by using it.
  • Watching movies at home is the best comfort for everyone. That is why children are becoming stubborn about their comfort. If you tell them to go out and play, they won’t go. and in this way it is effecting the physical health of children.
  • There are so many websites which should be age restricted, but they are’nt. So the innocent mind of children can easily get the touch of that vulgarity which is not healthy for them in any aspect.

Tips for parents

social media and children
social media and children

There is no shortcut for parents except to keep an eye on their children. Social media and children can be worse friends if parents don’t involve in this. Parents should be aware of what their children are watching. Parents need to be disciplined at home about the use of internet and social media. For instance, there should be fixed hours for children to use internet. And if they do something wrong you can decrease the number of minutes in those hours as a punishment for them. Like I said in so many ways that parenting is a challenge. So this is also a part of that challenge. Challenges are not meant for ease, but we have to be succeed in this challenge for our innocent soul.

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